Today, I’ll try my best to shine

Rounding up our week of dispelling the common myths of homelessness, we end with a moving and thought provoking poem as we approach world poetry day on March 21st.

Today, I’ll try my best to shine

With every fibre within me that’s mine

I’ll hopefully open my eyes

Look up to the most beautiful skies

And breathe such a deep intake

That my knees might begin to shake

With the new purposefulness of today.

There’s no need to look back and betray

The next 24 hours, with the damage

Of my unfortunate past by paying homage

To it now.  Today deserves a better start.

Something fresh that will treasure my heart

There’s joy in almost anything, if I leave behind

The confined and maligned state of mind.

I can be free today and me today and give

Such wonders to the world today, if I forgive

Myself for my part in my own downfall.

Today I’ll wrap myself in my protective shawl

Of my own existence.  Life is to be enjoyed

Not more internalised battles to be deployed.

So please, let me share one moment of your time

Because today, I’ll try my best to shine


Anon – aka “The poet with passion”