Trauma Informed Care (TIC)

The events that lead to someone becoming homeless are not always as clear as you might think.

St Paul’s works tirelessly to help people live through homelessness. We work with some of the most vulnerable members of society and in order to improve care and support, we embedded the ideas of Psychologically Informed Environments and Trauma Informed Care across the organisation resulting in significant improvements in outcomes.

This delivery model differentiates us from other charities in this sector. It requires a number of elements to be in place, including a focus on safety, emotional intelligence, connection, communication, resilience and healing. The essence of a TIC approach changes the nature of the question we ask from ‘what’s wrong with you?’ to ‘what happened to you?’ This new emphasis seeks to connect the individual’s trauma history to their current behaviour rather that seeing the behaviour as a character flaw.

Our Trauma Informed Care delivery model is designed specifically to support people to ‘live through homelessness’ & interventions provide the skills required to address complex issues, prepare and support their progress into resettlement and becoming productive members of a community that they have become isolated from.

Build psychological safety of the people who come to us for help. Not only must we keep them safe but also they must feel safe.
Building relationships and resilience are the key to recovery.
People need friendships, help and support to live an inter-dependent life.
We will work with partners to design out and prevent homelessness.