Over the coming week, we will be bringing together our recent campaign around the myths of homelessness, which we start and end with two moving and thought provoking poems as we approach world poetry day on March 21st.

How do people have to look, to be without a home?

Addicted, drunk, violent or simply sad & all alone?

It’s often really difficult to tell

If someone actually lives in heaven or in hell.

Can it be as easy as looking at the way they dress?

Or if they are unwashed and their hair’s a mess?

What if their clothes are filthy and they really do smell?

Maybe it could be they’re just very unwell.

If it’s a park bench or cardboard box where they sleep

Or possibly because they no longer have a job to keep?

Or even just because they argued with mum and dad

When their adorable son confessed to liking another lad?

Could it be your daughter fell in love with the wrong boy?

To give you a grandchild for too early to enjoy?

And those who fought for our freedom and our Queen

Who have no home to live in when they leave

That’s just mean!

And when the government taxed people’s extra bedroom

It basically added more anguish & impending gloom.

Now I know there’s lots of reasons, it’s clearly plain to see

Why so many people have no place to say that

This belongs to me.

So if my poem has made you think for even a short while

Then honestly, these lovely people at least

Deserve your smile!

Anon – aka “The poet with Passion”