Muslim community from Worcester Central Mosque makes hot food for homeless

THE Muslim community from a Worcester mosque rustled up a delicious curry for 50 homeless people when a hostel kitchen had to close for repairs.

Kind-hearted members of the Worcester Central Mosque in Tallow Hill, helped their neighbours, St Paul’s Hostel, with a donation of a hot food earlier this week.

The kitchen at St Paul’s is undergoing repairs but the community at the mosque made a curry, rice and lentils for 50 people.

Gregg Dobson, the chef and catering manager at St Paul’s said: “The food was fantastic and very popular with people staying with us. Many people wanted seconds.”

“We also look forward to any future collaboration between the mosque and hostel.”

A resident, who has been staying at St Paul’s for the last few months wanted to thank the mosque.

They said: “The food was amazing, just fantastic. I really want to thank them for helping us out.”